Month: February 2016

Valentines Day Romance : February Is Mating Season For Skunks

February through March is mating season for striped, hog-nosed, and hooded skunks, and that translates into “skunk smell.” The stink occurs when males try to court females who may not be “in the mood.” When that happens, female skunks generate

Adventure Film Festival Interviews President of American Hiking Society

Watch a 9-minute question and answer interview with Mountain & Adventure Film Festival and Gregory Miller, President of American Hiking Society. Gregory highlights how American Hiking Society continues to make a positive impact on trails throughout the country. View the

Hike Report : PVSP/ Oella – Pickall 8M hike, February 6, 2016 by Bill Saunders

Ten hikers, including one guest, participated in this 8-mile moderate hike on Saturday, February 6–the week following the Snowpocalypse that blanketed Maryland with a record snowfall. The hikers began at St. Johnsbury Road in Oella, trudged through still-deep snow to

News About The MCoMD Web Site

When we first redesigned the new website, the objective was to replace exactly what we had before – with a system that would be more reliable, easier to main tain, less expensive, and more up to date with modern website

Entrance Fees Abolished at Manassas Battlefield

Per PATC: Effective immediately, the National Park Service will no longer charge an entrance fee for Manassas National Battlefield Park. An assessment of the fee program this year determined that collecting an entrance fee is no longer cost-effective. In addition