Year: 2017

13 Magnificent Trails You Have To Hike In Maryland Before You Die

Another somewhat dramatic title, but it refers to several trails that are not commonly hiked by the Mountain Club. The full article here:

The Hiking Trail Hiding In Maryland That Will Transport You To Another World

Well the title is a bit dramatic, but it’s the lead-in to a fairly pleasant little description of hikes on Sugarloaf, in northern Montgomery County – which I’m sure we’ve all done a few times. The full article here:

DNR Promoting “First Day Hikes”

First Day Hikes Offer Healthy Start to New Year The Maryland Department of Natural Resources invites everyone to welcome in the New Year with a First Day Hike! Maryland Park Service rangers, staff and volunteers will lead more than 30

Governor Announces Military Veterans to Receive Free Admission to Maryland State Parks

In honor of Veterans Day, Governor Larry Hogan announced that all military veterans, including residents and nonresidents, will be granted free admission and entrance to the network of 72 state parks managed by the Maryland Park Service. The governor’s announcement

Hike Report : Prettyboy Reservoir Area Hike Near Hemlock Gorge 11/1/2017

A seven mile hike with 22 people from the Mountain Club of Maryland. Pictures can be found at this link: Here are a few examples (Click on pictures for enlargements)

Hike Report : Prettyboy (Blue) Trail – 10/25/2017

My wife and I joined another 19 other Mountain Club of Maryland hikers for a 4 mile walk at the Prettyboy Reservoir. Pictures of the hike can be found at this link: Here’s one example:    

MCM Completes New A.T. Moldering Privy

After 7 months of work, MCM has opened a new moldering privy at the Alec Kennedy shelter on the Appalachian Trail south of Boiling Springs, PA. The old compost privy, which was nearing capacity, was closed on October 22, 2017.

New Schedule Published – Over 130 Upcoming Events!

The new schedule has been published for hikes (and a few other events) through the end of February. Between now and Feb, an impressive 138 events have been planned for hiking club members and guests! Happy fall and winter. Click

Hike Report : Catoctin Furnace To Catoctin Mountain – 13H

(Click on any of the photos to enlarge them)         It was more of an “S” than an “H”! But it was a strong contingent of five ladies and two (lucky) men who joined Jim Koury’s Frederick

DNR Invasive Plant Training

DNR is hosting two session of training this summer for the Statewide Eyes Program to identify and map invasive plant species. First session is Saturday August 26 at Robinson Nature Center in Howard County. Second Session is Thursday September 14