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Saturday night brought what might have been the last snow of the year. Walt Miller's early-morning Sunday email read simply "Still on", so nine of us braved the cold and trekked into Miners Ridge, in the Liberty Reservoir Park.

Walt schooled us on long-forgotten mining activities, and the huge tailings dump and a few stone structures are all that remain of what was once a big mining enterprise that ended in the 1890s.  The hike then loosely followed a “T” shape, and we lunched on Coot Peninsula – which has no coots.

We’d started hiking through 2 inches of snow, and our return had us sloshing through 4 inches of mud – and clambering up a short but steep 20%-grade hill. But the sun was out, woodpeckers drummed their tattoos, and a few hardy Canada geese lined the reservoir. Thanks to Walt for leading a good hike.

My GPS's batteries died, so thanks to Jay for sending me his GPX file, which I've translated into the route map below.

See below for a few pictures.  Click each picture to view it in full size.

And there are more pictures here:



Article About The Abandoned Town In PVSP

The Awesome Hike In Maryland That Will Take You Straight To An Abandoned Town

Have you ever heard of the abandoned town of Daniels? A little over a century ago, this little Maryland town thrived in a woodland area of what is now Patapsco Valley State Park. The townsfolk depended on the local textile mill for work and for a while, business was good. That is, until the 1960s. The mill had run its course and 90 families were informed that they’d have to move away. While there are no people living in this spot today, the town’s remnants have been left behind and we know where to find them…

The rest of the story, and some good pictures, here:

The New Hiking Schedule Has Been Published

The new schedule, for hikes from March through the end of June, has been published here on the web site.

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Maryland Natural Resources Annual Photo Contest

15th Annual Photo Contest Runs Now Through Aug. 31

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is now accepting entries for its annual photo contest. Photographers – novice or professional – can enter online or by mail for the chance to win cash and other great prizes

Winning entries will be posted online, featured in an issue of the seasonal Maryland Natural Resource magazine, and placed in the 2019 wall calendar.

Nearly 300 photographers submitted 1,500 photos to the 2017 Maryland Natural Resource Photo Contest.

Full story here:


Maryland Natural Resources Annual Photo Contest

Hike Report : Hike at Marshy Point 1/3/2018

Here is the link to the photos of our hike today at Marshy Point Park:


Here are just a few examples (click on each picture to view it in full size):




The Mountain Club’s Deep History Now Available In Two Books

Thanks to the efforts of Bill Saunders, we now have scans of two books that detail the mountain club's history.  The books are:

MCM: In Honor Of Our 75th Anniversary


MCM First Person 1934 - 1984 - containing reminisces of the club's first 50 years, from the club's early leaders.

Click here to read the club's history, and for the links to the two books - which can be read here, on the web site.

Over 300 Historical Hiker High Point Documents Now Available!

Thanks to Bill Saunders, we now have access to a huge amount of the Mountain Club's history.

Bill has taken an enormous amount of time to scan old Hiker High Point documents. We have (what looks like) a comprehensive suite of documents going all the way back to 1960 - and we even have a few from 1947!

Click here to view current and previous Hiker High Point documents.

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13 Magnificent Trails You Have To Hike In Maryland Before You Die

Another somewhat dramatic title, but it refers to several trails that are not commonly hiked by the Mountain Club.

The full article here:

The Hiking Trail Hiding In Maryland That Will Transport You To Another World

Well the title is a bit dramatic, but it's the lead-in to a fairly pleasant little description of hikes on Sugarloaf, in northern Montgomery County - which I'm sure we've all done a few times.

The full article here: