Please bear with us - this "help" page will be expanded as the new web site settles in



At this time, the membership system will operate almost the same as it did on our old web site.

Logging In:

If you are not currently logged in - the menu along the top of each screen will have a "Member LOGIN" option.  Click that.

Enter your User-ID and password.

If you had were registered on the old web site - your User-ID is EXACTLY THE SAME.  (Careful - the system is sensitive to upper case and lower case.)

Your password has been E-Mailed to you at the E-Mail address you provided when you originally registered.  If you didn't get it, click here to contact the webmaster and we will reply with your new password.  We urge you to change your password as soon as you log in the first time:
- Click on the "Membership" menu option
- Click on "Edit Your Membership Account"
- Scroll down - the option to change your password is near the bottom.


Renewing Your Membership:

At present - that is available by clicking on the "Membership" menu option, and selecting "Membership Renewal"

Follow the instructions on that page.

(Note - that page will soon be changed, to allow you to pay your new year's dues online.)


What Pages Can You See:

Members who are in good standing (i.e. membership is current, and fees have been paid) will be able to see all of the pages on the web site.  E.g. if you can see a menu option called "Schedule" - that's the members-only schedule.