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  Saturday night brought what might have been the last snow of the year. Walt Miller’s early-morning Sunday email read simply “Still on”, so nine of us braved the cold and trekked into Miners Ridge, in the Liberty Reservoir Park.

Hike Report : Hike at Marshy Point 1/3/2018

Here is the link to the photos of our hike today at Marshy Point Park:   Here are just a few examples (click on each picture to view it in full size):      

Hike Report : Prettyboy Reservoir Area Hike Near Hemlock Gorge 11/1/2017

A seven mile hike with 22 people from the Mountain Club of Maryland. Pictures can be found at this link: Here are a few examples (Click on pictures for enlargements)

Hike Report : Prettyboy (Blue) Trail – 10/25/2017

My wife and I joined another 19 other Mountain Club of Maryland hikers for a 4 mile walk at the Prettyboy Reservoir. Pictures of the hike can be found at this link: Here’s one example:    

Hike Report : Catoctin Furnace To Catoctin Mountain – 13H

(Click on any of the photos to enlarge them)         It was more of an “S” than an “H”! But it was a strong contingent of five ladies and two (lucky) men who joined Jim Koury’s Frederick

Hike Report : Hike at Cromwell Valley Park 8/2/2017

Pictures from our hike today can be found at this link:

Hike Report : Devil’s Racecourse To Cowall Shelter – 10-H

It wasn’t too hot, but the humidity was pretty intense when 12 Mountain Club hikers met near the Devil’s Racecourse for an out-and-back Jim Koury “10H” hike. See below for a picture of the Devil’s Racecourse. It’s a barren half-mile

Hike Report : Hike at Little Gunpowder from Harford Road

Our first hike since becoming member of the Mountain Club of Maryland with a group of 17 people along the banks of the Little Gunpowder River bordering Baltimore and Harford counties. A total of 8 miles. Picture can be found

Hike Report : Loch Raven – Poplar Hill Trail

Article by Rick Royer, pictures by Rose Johnson Diane Novak, Caryn Joachim, Margaret and Ron Wilson, David Yanosik, Donald Kempel, Rose and Peter Johnson, Jay Gordon, Rick Royer (trip leader) 2nd part of hike, we were joined by: Marcie Schubert,

Hike Report : Wed. Morning In Centennial Park **EDITED**

What was the weather going to do? It rained all night, and the forecast gave a 100% probability of rain at noon – so do we hike, or do we sleep in? Hike leader Deborah Flint made a decision at